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Is Dreaming Allowed?
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How To Get The Most Out Of This Particular Forum

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How To Get The Most Out Of This Particular Forum

Post by martyb on Mon Jan 21, 2013 1:24 am

The 1st step if the reader does not already own the required text-book, is to purchase their own copy of "MIND-LINES Lines For Changing Minds" By L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.

The book contains 335 pages of very concentrated information, exercises, and illustrations. The forum attempts to follow the basic outline and flow of the information in the order that it is presented in the book.

Students will recognize familiar terms also found in the book. Let your own curiosity help you to find terms and topics from the book that interest you most immediately. Get familiar with the terms and their meanings from the book, since re-stating the information in its entirety "here" is beyond what is practical. (or legal.)

People benefitting from this forum and the text book will have the opportunity to "reframe each other" in the forums designated as "Practice Rooms."

Participants will also be able to ask questions to gain more clarity into the topics presented in the book. Dive in! Submerge! Your mind, into the material. We look forward to what you will bring. (especially if you bake very good cookies... bring them!)


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